Interesting Facts About Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are most commonly made from cow rawhide, but it was found that crocodile leather or ostrich leather can be used. The sought-after type of leather used commonly is full grain leather, nubuck, and suede, due to its comfort, durability, and strength.


Our leather shoes and accessories are made unique. We believe in and love “slow fashion”, that is why our items are made by hand in a small factory by well-trained artisans. Each step of the process is completed in a separate area which comes perfectly together as a completed product.


Creating The Design

The first step to making a leather shoe is the design process. The design team is usually made of the client and a designer. The client describes the desired look of the shoe, followed by the designer sketching the shoe from the client’s brief. The client can also make the first drawings, and the designers clean up the design to make it more technically correct. The sketches or design of the shoe should, in the end, display the shoe from all angles.


Making The Shoe Last

Next, a shoe last must be made. A shoe last is a mould made to depict a human foot, usually made from plastic and metal. A last must be made for both the left and right foot to ascertain the size and shape of the shoe. It is put inside the shoe, to mould the shoe around it and at the end of the process, it used to make sure the shoe fits the initial design.


Choosing The Leather

In the next step, the type of leather to be used for the shoe is chosen and is then cut into smaller pieces. The pieces of leather that make up the shoe, the position of the eyelet, and the parts of the leather to be sewn together are marked and are then sent to the sewing department.


Assembling The Shell

In the sewing department, the pieces of leather are stitched together and are then sent to be assembled. At the assembly department, the foundation of the leather shoe is made.


Adding The Filler Layer

Thereafter, a filler layer is added to the inner part of the shoe to make the foundation more even, which ensures the comfort of the shoe. The outsoles are scraped away and neatly rounded off. Finally, the shoe is transferred to a shoe room, where it is polished, laced up, and boxed in our beautiful branded Plaaasmeisie Shoe Boxes.


The manufacturing process and the quality of our leather mean so much to us. Learn more about the different types of leather we choose for our products.

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