Leather Accessories

Handmade Leather Accessories

Plaasmeisie’s Leather Accessories are those extra special items that every girl would need to make an outfit more attractive. Our accessories are made with real leather to perfectly match your overall look, making your appearance more fashionable.

Leather Handbags

Our Leather handbags are handmade in several designs and color combinations.

These bags are made from high-quality cowhide leather. The leather used to manufacture these handbags is usually about 0.6mm to 0.8mm to offer our clients a well-made product, effective in its purpose.

The concept appeals to sophisticated women who want beautiful accessories to match their clothing and shoes between work and socializing.

Leather Purses

Plaasmeisie’s Leather Purses for ladies are currently available in two different styles, namely the Envelope Cut and the Zip Purse. Both purse styles offer space for credit cards, notes, identification documents, and change pockets. A good size to easily slide inside your Leather Bag.

The leather that we carefully select for these purses displays a rustic feel. We offer matching handbags.

Our purses are hand cut and carefully stitched with a heavy-duty leather machine by a small team of artisans. Each item is uniquely made with passion for the trade.

Leather Earrings

Our brand new leather earring range is a collaboration between Chilli Pip Designs and Plaasmeisie. Two proudly South African brands who feel passionate about their products and their customers.

Chilli Pip Designs is a brand that doesn’t necessarily conform to the norm but instead creates unique pieces of jewelry that make a subtle statement. The hope is that these designs will allow you to experiment and express yourself by adding something a little different and intriguing to your collection.

Each and every piece of jewellery has been meticulously handmade and, as such, will be unique in its own way – just like you.

In an effort to reduce waste and, in turn, reduce our impact on the environment, we have joined forces to create a jewellery range that utilizes all the excess leather that would otherwise be discarded. We are very excited to share these products with you.

What Are You Waiting For?

Leather Belts

Full grain leather is the best quality of genuine leather used by belt makers to ensure long levity even in daily use. This is exactly the type of leather that we use to offer you a well-made leather belt. The full and untouched grain surface is present. Beautiful unique markings are visible such as grain patterns, hair cells, and grain patterns.

The steel and brass buckles used for our leather belts do not come short in terms of quality and durability. These two material pieces are put together by hand to offer a long-lasting belt for both our Groot Indunda gent and Plaasmeisie’s.

Interesting Fact about Leather Belts: They were used as early as the Bronze Age (3000 BC to 1050 BC). However, it took a while for the leatherworking process to advance.

Leather Wallets

Wallets were developed after the introduction of paper currency to the West in the 1600’s. Early wallets were made primarily from cow hides or horse leather and included a small pouch of printed calling cards.

The modern bi-fold wallet with multiple card slots became standardized in the early 1950’s with the introduction of the first credit cards. Some innovations include the introduction of Velcro closure wallets in the 1970’s. Pocket sized wallets remain popular to this day.

Our Groot Induna leather wallet range includes well made bi-folded wallet for gents as well as a pocket size card holder for your back pocket priced at R300+ per piece.

These items are cut and mostly made by hand, where the stitching is done by a heavy duty leather stitching machine to ensure that your wallet is durable.

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